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The Iron Built Full Body Hypertrophy Program

The Iron Built Fitness Full Body Hypertrophy Program is designed to:

→ maximize whole body muscle growth
→ develop the whole body as one
 improve overall shape and size
make optimal scientific hypertrophy training EASY to apply

With this 14 week program you’ll be using all the scientific principles that are currently known to maximize hypertrophy. The program is accompained with a PDF guide explaining exactly what the program does.



The program includes:

  • a automatically set up training program! You ONLY have to fill in a few numbers and the program automatically outlines the optimal progression and periodization that you need to maximize hypertrophy
  • a log for tracking your progress within the program itself
  • the option to choose which exercises you want to train
  • customer email support to answer any questions related to the program
  • a customer only Facebook group where we share our questions, ideas and progress/transformation pictures etc

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Flexible Fasting

Paperback Edition

Now only $14.99 ($19.99)


Kindle Edition

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Flexible Fasting:

How to Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Become Healthy Using Intermittent Fasting and Flexible Dieting

Intermittent fasting is one of the most powerful tools out there when it comes to creating an outstanding physique that is truly astonishing. This book will provide you with all the knowledge you need on your quest for that great-looking and healthy body.

All of the 130 pages is smacked with valuable information based on science, my own experience of transforming my physique and by coaching hundreds of clients.

With chapters on:

→ What fasting is
→ The health benefits
→ Fat loss & muscle gain
Intermittent fasting as a lifestyle
→ Flexible dieting mindset
→ And much more…

This book was written with you in mind. I wanted all the information about implementing intermittent fasting and flexible dieting, no matter what your goal are, in one place to make it really simple for you to go through.

The book took me little over a year to write, I really poured my soul, and worked exceptionally hard on it. I’ll continue to improve it over the years providing free updates to all that purchase it.