Alcohol And Getting Ripped: Is Drinking Bad For Your Physique?

Let me guess, you want to get ripped? But at the same time you don't want to give up on your social life? For most people, alcohol is part of having a social life, and if you're like most people then I'm sure you want to be able to have a few drinks every now and then, especially during events such as parties, dates, birthdays, vacations and so on. Well, [...]

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8 Intermittent Fasting Tricks That’ll Make Your Fast Feel Like a Breeze

If you've read some of my previous posts on intermittent fasting, you know why it works so well for getting a ripped physique. In short, the thing which makes intermittent fasting so powerful, is it's potential to buffer a ton of calories for later in the day. This allows you to have large, satiating and fulfilling meals during the evening (at a time when most people want to enjoy [...]

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Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss: The 5 BIG Benefits That’ll Make You Ripped

Do you agree with me when I say: Fat loss is challenging! There's soo many things that screws with your goal of getting lean. There's hunger, there's low energy, there's the social aspect of dieting and so on. But, what if I told you that fat loss doesn't have to be challenging. That there's a way to make it a lot easier? Well, that's exactly [...]

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When To Stop Bulking And Start Cutting?

So, you've been bulking for a while. You've successfuly put on body weight, you've gotten stronger in the gym, and hopefully you've built a fair amount of muscle. But now you're wondering: When should I start my cut? I've lost my abs, and my muscular definition on my arms, chest, back and legs are nearly gone. Is it time to start getting ripped? Well, here's the answer to these [...]

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How Long Should You Rest Between Sets to Maximize Muscle Growth?

I'm sure you've witnessed the talk around rest periods for muscle growth. Basically, it goes something like this: "Bro! If you want to grow muscle you should train with high reps using short rest in between. It's the pump that leads to the growth!" Errrr... Wrong. This has long been the belief, but we have during recent years learned that taking longer rest between sets is actually better for [...]

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How to Break Through a Strength Training Plateau

I think you agree with me when I say: Strength training plateaus SUCK! When you're plateaud you're no longer making progress towards improved strength and muscle mass... ...which is a very frustrating place to be at. That's why in this post I'll show you how to avoid ending up in a strength training plateau in the first place. And how to break through one if you're currently in, or ever [...]

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Training Frequency: How Often Should You Workout To Build Muscle?

Training frequency… I’m sure you’ve seen the arguments online whether you should train a muscle group once per week (aka the bro-split), twice per week, or even three times per week. And I’m sure you’ve thought about this yourself as well. So, what’s the deal, is one training frequency really better than another for the goal of building muscle? Well, let’s dive straight into looking at that: What Is [...]

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What’s The Best Exercises For Building Muscle?

Do you agree with me when I say: It’s a freaking jungle out there when it comes to picking exercises for the purpose of building muscle. On one side you have the tribe who swears that you must train with big compound exercises like squats, bench presses and rows if your goal is to build muscle. While on the other side you have the tribe who swears that it [...]

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How to Stay Lean for Good: The 7 Step Formula That WORKS

It’s been well reported that people’s body weight tends to remain settled within a certain range over the long term. It’s also been shown that most people who goes on a diet and successfully lose weight, regains the weight they’ve lost within a fairly short time after the diet is over. So, the question becomes: Are we doomed? Is there no chance for us to stay lean for good [...]