June 2019

The SKINNY FAT Solution: Get Ripped In 3 Steps!

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Being skinny fat is definitely the most confusing starting point of them all. I mean, an overweight individual can mainly focus on fat loss to get a ripped body, while a skinny individual can mainly focus on building muscle to get a ripped body. But what about if you’re stuck somewhere in the middle, if you have the skinny fat physique? Well, to solve this problem, let’s first define what [...]

May 2019

How To Go From Fat To Fit: Step By Step Transformation

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Going from the fat to the fit physique is one of the hardest transformation a person can undergo. Once someone has become fat, their body has usually adapted to being fat which makes getting and staying lean tougher. Discouraging? Yea, you bet! But if this happens to be you, don't gloom! The good news is that with the correct strategies in place and with a bit of willpower you [...]

April 2019

How To Maintain Muscle While Cutting: The Complete Guide

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One thing that I see often when people go on a cut is that they lose a lot of muscle mass. This is a problem that I had myself during my first cutting phases and it's something that I've since then learned to avoid. Now sure, maintaining all of your muscle when cutting is extremely hard, but your goal should always be to keep most of it. So with that [...]

What Are The Best Meals For Getting Ripped? (5 Keys For Easy Fat Loss)

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Learning how to cook great meals is something everyone should do if they want to achieve a ripped physique. At least everyone should learn a few go to recipes that they truly love. Knowing how to cook tasty, satiating and satisfying meals will make reaching your fitness goals a walk in the park. So with that said, what makes up the best meals for getting ripped? The best meals for [...]

Sleep And Muscle Growth: Are You Getting Enough Bedtime?

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Recently I heard that sleep is often referred to as the third pillar of successful bodybuilding, the other two pillars being training and diet. I've always believed that sleep is important, but never really bothered to learn exactly how important it is. On this website there's a ton of information surrounding both training and diet for muscle growth. But so far sleep has not been covered in much depth at [...]

How To Train When Cutting: The Complete Guide

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Even though the "rules" for training when cutting aren't as clearly defined as they are for nutrition. There are still a few principles that any workout routine must be based around if you want to see great fat loss results. In this guide you'll learn what these principles are. So, how to train when cutting? When cutting you're eating less calories, which means you'll have a lowered potential to [...]

How To Get Ripped While Traveling: The Complete Guide

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Traveling is awesome and so is getting a ripped physique! But one thing that makes me a bit sad is when people say that you can't have both, that you can't travel and get ripped at the same time. In this post I'm going to explain why this simply isn't true and what you should do to successfully get ripped while traveling. So, how to get ripped while traveling? Getting ripped [...]

Should You Track Macros When Bulking?

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I often get asked: "How do I maximize muscle growth but keep fat gain low on a bulk?" Or "I eat a lot but I´m not gaining any size. What should I do?" My usual answer to these questions are: "Have you tried tracking your macros?" Tracking your macros when bulking can help you reach your goals quicker. But on the other hand. it can also be an annoying extra [...]

March 2019

Dirty Bulking: Is It Worth It? (Dirty vs Lean vs Clean Bulk)

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I remember when I first got started with my fitness journey five years ago. And boy was I confused about the sheer overload of information out there. One of the things that confused me was the topic of bulking. Some people said that you should eat a ton no matter where the food came from, i.e dirty bulking. While others said that you should take a slower approach when bulking, [...]

Cardio When Cutting (How Much? What Type? When?)

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One thing I notice people are confused about is the concept of doing cardio when cutting, and I definitely understand why. Some "gurus" say that you should do no cardio when cutting, while others say that you should do a ton of cardio when cutting. Confusing! So, who's right here? Well, that's exactly what I'm about to straight out in this post: Should you do cardio when cutting? You should do [...]