February 2019

Should I Do HIIT After Weight Training?

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HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a great form of cardio as it can burn a ton of calories in a short time. Some of the most common questions I get regardig cardio is "when should I do HIIT?" and "Is it better to do my HIIT session before or after my weight lifting session?" Well, this is something I've wondered myself, so I decided to find out. Here's what [...]

How To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle Simultaneously (Body Recomposition)

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Some of the most common messages I get from people are these: "I want to get ripped but I don't want to get small" "I'm currently 165 lbs and 15% body fat and I want to get to 180 lbs and 8% body fat "I like the size I'm at right now, but I want my abs to show more" Essentially what people want to do, even if they don't [...]

Myo Reps: The Complete Guide For Extra Gains

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Over my years in the gym I've found that focusing on strength training in the low to medium repetition range (4-12 reps), with fairly long rest in between, is definitely the best approach when it comes to strength and muscle growth. With that said though, you need a bit of pump training to fully complete your physique, especially for certain body parts that can't be trained by lifting heavy, or [...]

Is Intermittent Fasting Good For A Skinny Fat Individual?

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One question I get often is whether or not intermittent fasting is a good idea for someone starting out as skinny fat. Personally I started with the skinny fat physique and I've also been using intermittent fasting for over four years by now. So, I think I have enough experience with intermittent fasting and how it can help you as a skinny fat individual. So, that's what we're going to [...]

How To Transition From Cutting To Bulking Without Gaining Fat

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One of the biggest problem people bump into once they're done cutting is gaining most of their body fat back when transitioning into bulking. Spending 2-4 months or more getting getting lean, just to gain most of the fat back within a few weeks sucks! But at the same time we want to start eating more so that we can start packing on additional muscle sooner rather than later. So, [...]

How To Build An Aesthetic Physique: The Complete Guide

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To me building my physique is all about achieving physical excellence in aesthetics, strength and fitness. When I say aesthetics I'm not referring to the bulky, puffy and round physique of bodybuilders. Rather I'm talking about the dense, hard and angular looking natural physique with broad thick shoulders and upper back muscles, square masculine chest, rock hard arms, slim waist and athletic legs. This is a meaty guide, so feel [...]

Do You Have To Get Stronger To Get Bigger?

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If you've spent any time in the gym I'm sure you've seen that the biggest guys and gals are usually the strongest. So you think: Cool, training for strength must lead to the best muscle growth, I should just focus on getting stronger! But suddenly you see this huge guy or gal that doesn't seem to be lifting that much at all. Or on the other end, this guy or [...]

What Is The Best Macro Ratio For Building Lean Muscle?

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When I first started my fitness journey I focused on eating everything in sight. This put me in a huge calorie surplus and I gained weight, the problem with this approach however was that I put on a lot of unnecessary fat. Over the years I've learned that a much better approach is to eat at a slight calorie surplus made up of the correct macros (protein, carbs and fats), [...]

Should I Eat Less On Rest Days When I’m Bulking?

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One common question I get from people who've just started to bulk is if they should eat at a constant calorie surplus every day, or if they should eat less on their rest days and more on their training days. Well, I've tried both approaches and here's what I recommend: Should you eat less on rest days when bulking? Yes, I recommend that you eat less on rest days and more [...]