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My name is Niklas Lampi and I started Iron Built Fitness with the main purpose of helping you get downright ripped. My aim is to do so with strategies and principles that’s been shown to be the most effective, easy and enjoyable ones out there, that will lead to a lifestyle that is sustainable, gets you in the best shape you’ve ever been, and makes you feel great in that process!

The Iron Built Fitness Online PT Membership Includes:

– Meal Plan –
– Workout Plan –
– Cardio Plan –
– Instructional Exercise Videos –
– Support & Coaching –
– And More –


What You Will Receive

Custom Meal Plan

A fully detailed and easily followed custom meal plan designed for your body type! The plan is tailored gram-for-gram with your age, weight, height, level of activity, goals, and your current condition. The meal plan is outlined with tons of different food choices, meaning that you can make hundreds of different combinations all while reaching your goal at the same time. Which means you don’t have to eat the same thing every day! You can track your food either with calories and macros, or with the portion sizes guide included in the meal plan. The meal plan and macros/calories will be updated and changed up (if necessary) every 2 weeks.

Constantly Updated Workout Plan

Your workout program will include the most effective routine and progression model for building muscle and losing fat based on your experience level. The program will be heavily based on science. Instructional video’s are included for every single exercise so you can see exactly what you have to follow! The workout program will be either designed to lose body fat or build lean muscle/get stronger, depending on your goals. The workout routine will be switched up every 6 weeks. It is important to stick to one training plan for this amount of time to make sure we can properly overload on every exercise and get stronger/track our workouts.

Cardio Plan

Cardio programs, such as S.H.I.I.T that have been scientifically proven to MAXIMIZING fat burning are included in your workout plan! You have the ability to choose what type of cardio you wish to do, so you don’t have to stick to one option. Doing the right amount of cardio makes the diet a lot more enjoyable and easy to adhere to. But with that said, cardio can be excluded if you don’t want to do it.

Iron Built Fitness Exclusive Members Only App

Iron Built Fitness Members Only App available on iTunes and the Google Play store. On this app you access your complete program including the meal plan, workout plan, shopping lists and much more! Take your program with you wherever you go.

Every exercise will be listed including demonstrational video’s from myself that will show you exactly how to perform them!

Daily Messenger Support & Coaching

Messenger support to guide you through your transformation and make sure you understand everything! My goal is to help you obtain the best results you possibly can, so if you have any questions regarding your programs, feel free to message me any time!

This is included for all members.

Flexible Dieting Guide

This guide will teach you everything about Flexible Dieting as it explains exactly how to count your macros, how to enjoy eating the things you like while staying healthy, how to drink alcohol on a diet, and more!

Not only will you get the plan to follow, but you will also get the knowledge to track your macros, which will make your diet as flexible and enjoyable as possible. I want to teach you as much as possible during the program so you can take this information with you for the rest of your life.

My Clients Love Their Results

Here are some of my clients transformations that they’ve been through and are very satisfied with:

If your goal is to get lean and muscular, my mission is to get you there as effortlessly and enjoyably as possible.

Start Your Transformation Today

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter in which country I live?

No it does not! Everything is done online, so it is a worldwide service. All that is required is an internet connection.

Can my meal plan be personalized to my likes and dislikes/allergies?

All meal plans are personalized to the individual. This will take into account individual statistics, daily activity levels, food preferences, lifestyle and goals. A complete macronutrient and caloric breakdown is also included with all personalized meal plans. You can personally choose which foods you would not like to include to make the diet as enjoyable as possible for you personally!

How does messenger support work?

I will answer every question that you have through the messenger built into the Iron Built Fitness app as soon as possible. You can expect a reply within 24 hours, typically faster.

Will my program require a gym membership?

No it doesn’t. If you don’t have access to a gym I can program a body weight program for you. However, muscle growth will be sub-optimal without the access to gym equipment and weights.

What happens once I have made a purchase?

Once you make a purchase you should receive a confirmation email of your purcahse. Then you will also receive a link from me personally to create an account on the Iron Built Fitness app (where the training will take place).

Once in the app you will have to fill out a questionnaire to provide me with all the information required to prepare your program. Once you have made the payment and filled in the questionnaire, please allow 2-3 days to prepare your personalized program.

What are the payment options available and how do I pay?

All you need is a Credit or Debit Card to make the payment. Stripe or PayPal is my preferred secure method of payment and these are the only options available.

I use industry standard AES – 256 encryption to ensure your private information remains all safe.

To pay, simply follow the instructions and you will be redirected to either Stripe or PayPal.

If you are having any issues with making the payment, please send an email and we will happily assist.

Do I have to use intermittent fasting?

No you don’t, you have the option to decide exactly how you want your meal frequency top be set up, and you can change this at anytime throughout the program as well.

With that said though, you know I’m a firm believer of intermittent fasting as I think it’s hands down the best tool for making fat loss feel very effortless.

Intermittent fasting also comes with the “lean-gains” benefit, meaning it becomes easier to gain mostly muscle and not fat on a lean-bulk. However, it’s totally up to you, as some people really don’t work well on intermittent fasting.

For how long is my subscription?

The membership is a subscription that will be billed monthly. You can cancel anytime by sending an email to

Refund policy

No refunds are available, but you can cancel any time before your next program billing period. The programs are customized, that’s why refunds can’t be provided.

What if I have an injury?

Iron Built Fitness exercise programs are structured to produce the best results possible which includes strength training. The specific exercises may not suit all individuals if an injury is present. Please consult a health professional for guidance if you are not sure. Niklas does not give medical advice.

Can I build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

In order to lose fat you must be in a caloric deficit (take in less calories than you burn) while in order to build muscle you should ideally be in a caloric surplus (take in more calories than you burn). Therefore, doing both at the same time is not an effective approach. If you are a beginner, have very high body fat percentage, or just came back from a training break, you may be able to lose some fat while building muscle. But you will always see better results having ONE primary goal at a time.

Do I have to eat the same foods every day?

Absolutely not! The meal plan will provide you with hundreds of different combination of foods, which all come down to the same macronutrients/calories, so you can decide what you would like to eat. If you prefer it, you can eat the same thing every day but you don’t have to, since you will have tons of options.

Next to this, you will also receive a Nutrition Guide with the program that explains Flexible Dieting and counting your own macronutrient intake, so you can eat exactly what you would like every day. This also helps you with fitting in “cheat foods” on a regular basis, while still hitting your daily macronutrients and getting optimal results!

Can I still drink alcohol while following the program?

Yes you can, in moderation! In the Flexible Dieting Guide that you will receive with the program I will explain how to accomplish this without hurting your results and minimizing damage. I do not want you to have to give up your social life, so if this is a part of your lifestyle, I will teach you how to include it!

Do I have to weigh out my food during the program?

I highly recommend using Flexible Dieting while following this diet plan, which I will explain fully in the Flexible Dieting Guide included with the program. By counting your macronutrient intake, you can fit in all the foods that you like into your diet as long as you hit the daily macro/caloric goals. This will make the diet as enjoyable as possible, since you literally have no food restrictions.

If you do not wish to track your food intake, you can simply follow the meal plan, which will give you a lot of options to choose from, all set up with food portion size examples, so that no weighing of food will be required.

Real Support. Real People.

I know what it’s like to need support. My philosophy is to treat you as I would like to be treated. You can contact me 24/7 about anything, wether it’s about diet, nutrition or personal related stuff.

I am reachable 24/7 by E-mail and will usually respond within 24 hours. Any questions, anytime. 

Not only do I post a lot to teach you guys more about fitness and nutrition, I also answer all questions you have!

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